Gas Flyer Double ET-TGF-72 Gas/Electric Fish Pellet Grill ET-TG-2BP/TE-2BP

Electric Fryer Double ET-TEF-4L-2/6L-2/8L-2/11L-2
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Electric Fryer Double ET-TEF-4L-2/6L-2/8L-2/11L-2

Electric Fryer Double
Model No.: ET-TEF-4L-2 ET-TEF-6L-2 ET-TEF-8L-2 ET-TEF-11L-2
Size: W435 x D370 x H300 mm. W540 x D430 x H290 mm. W550 x D420 x H340 mm. W670 x D460 x H345 mm.
Volts: 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Power: 2+2 KW 2.5+2.5 KW 3.25+3.25 KW 3.5+3.5 KW
Capacity: 4+4L 6+6L 8+8L 11+11L
Weight: 10 Kg. 12 Kg. 14 Kg. 17 Kg.

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